Sami Khalil

Software engineer, technology enthusiast

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About Me

I have always been passionate about computers and technologies. After high school, I decided to pursue computing because I was interested in solving real world problems using code.

My current interests are in web technologies, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the languages, frameworks and tools that I use frequently:
HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, React, React Native, Redux, Node.js, Python, Java
SQL, NoSQL, Git, CLI, XHR, JSON, APIs, Keras

My Projects


Remote Learning 2 weeks
An interactive platform for schools, university or anyone. Users can create rooms, invite and challenge others in real-time. Built using WebRTC, Websockets, React and Node.js
Covnet 2 weeks
Covnet is an anonymously contact tracing system. It informs you if you have been in close contact with another user who have been diagnosed with the virus to help you get tested early and self-isolate to avoid further spread. Built using React Native, Node.js and Mongodb
Coronavirus Research Engine 5 days
A search engine that responds to querys and returns the most relevant articles long with a summary of the main points. Made for CORD-19 challenge. Built using React and Python
Pepper - The Shopping Assistant 3 months
The goal of this project was to create an intelligent robotic application to help customers find products while shopping using voice, touch and vision. Various machine learning and AI technologies were used to develop this prototype.
Smart Fire Detection System 1 month
This system is able to detect and monitor environmental parameters such as temperature/humidity changes and generate alarms/alerts when these parameters go above a predetermined threshold.

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